Hello and thank you for visiting. I am a multi-discipline photographer who has experience in wedding, portrait, commercial and equine photography. I am based in the Burlington, Vermont area but I am willing to travel if needed. I began learning photography in high school with a Pentax film camera. Since then I have expanded my knowledge of composition, lighting and post processing and I believe you will be delighted with the images I produce.

I continue to study the use of light to create extraordinary images you will be proud to display. Some of my favorite photographers are Joe McNally, David Stoeklein, and Dave Black as they are masters of light and use it to create fantastic images. I am also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and have experience in using the latest software of the digital darkroom to produce retouched images for the client.

Further, my photography experience over the past 25 years has led me to the following beliefs:

I believe people want to look their best in photos and I strive to make this happen in every image by using the best professional equipment and techniques. A photographer should understand light and how to use it. Recognizing quality of light is the most important ability a photographer can have.

When it comes to equine photography, I love horses as a subject since they are so expressive and noble that seeing photographs of them makes all of us realize humans owe our very existence to them. I own horses and have been around them for a long time so I am comfortable working with large animals. I further understand what it takes to make a great equine image. Many people have one or the other, but not both attributes. The ripple of muscles in a stallion or the soft light flowing through a mane are what make me want to shoot more pictures of horses.

Please browse my site and allow me to show you my vision. After, contact me and give me the privilege of taking your next portrait, producing quality commercial images or capturing the images of your equine partner you'll cherish forever. If you are seeking a great photographer for your wedding, please click here. I look forward to discussing your needs. - Ron Hoague