R Hoague Photography: Blog https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog en-us (C) R Hoague Photography (R Hoague Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/img/s/v-12/u878782127-o457511644-50.jpg R Hoague Photography: Blog https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog 90 120 Mimi and Chris - A Burlington Vermont Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2018/2/mimi-and-chris---a-burlington-vermont-wedding Mimi and Chris were married in September of this past year.  The chose me to cover two weddings, a traditional Ghanaian wedding and a Western styled wedding the next day.  The first was new to me but it was very cool and super colorful.  The process of the marriage is filled with gifts from the brides family and of course, dancing.  The next day, they were married again in downtown Burlington at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington and we then went to the waterfront to make images there before heading to the reception.  Here are some of the images from both of their special days:  

RH7_5126RH7_5126 RH8_3757RH8_3757 RH7_5173RH7_5173 RH7_5190RH7_5190 RH8_3760RH8_3760 RH7_5210RH7_5210 RH7_5219RH7_5219 RH7_5243RH7_5243 RH7_5250RH7_5250 RH7_5275RH7_5275 RH8_3814RH8_3814 RH8_3834RH8_3834 RH8_3863RH8_3863 RH7_5321RH7_5321 RH7_5325-ERH7_5325-E RH7_5337RH7_5337 RH7_5363RH7_5363 RH8_3932RH8_3932 RH7_5405RH7_5405 RH8_3961RH8_3961 RH7_5428RH7_5428 RH8_3984RH8_3984 RH8_4000RH8_4000 RH7_5450RH7_5450 RH7_5453RH7_5453 RH8_4025RH8_4025 RH7_5463RH7_5463 RH8_4045RH8_4045 RH7_5466RH7_5466 RH8_4069RH8_4069 RH8_4084RH8_4084 RH7_5482RH7_5482 RH7_5514RH7_5514 RH8_4199-ERH8_4199-E RH8_4201RH8_4201 RH8_4222RH8_4222 RH8_4226RH8_4226 RH8_4229RH8_4229 RH8_4263RH8_4263 RH7_5549RH7_5549 RH8_4324RH8_4324 RH8_4344RH8_4344 RH8_4357RH8_4357 RH7_5563RH7_5563 RH8_4370RH8_4370 RH8_4385RH8_4385 RH8_4435RH8_4435 RH7_5627RH7_5627 RH7_5633RH7_5633 RH7_5671RH7_5671 RH7_5680RH7_5680 RH7_5697RH7_5697 RH7_5734RH7_5734

(R Hoague Photography) bride burlington vermont wedding vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2018/2/mimi-and-chris---a-burlington-vermont-wedding Sat, 03 Feb 2018 22:56:50 GMT
Desiree and Ryan- A Vermont Wedding on the Spirit of Ethan Allen https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2017/11/desiree-and-ryan--a-vermont-wedding-on-the-spirit-of-ethan-allen I cannot believe its been six months since Desiree and Ryan were married aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen on Lake Champlain on May 20th.  Their wedding was on the rear deck under perfect weather followed by a great party!  We took advantage of a spectacular sunset on the Lake by making some couples portraits.  These two showed everyone a good time and finished the night with a sparkler exit.  Here are some of the best images to re-live the day


RH7_8327RH7_8327 RH7_8334RH7_8334 RH8_1252RH8_1252 RH8_1263RH8_1263 RH8_1291RH8_1291 RH7_8392-ERH7_8392-E RH8_1383RH8_1383 RH8_1389RH8_1389 RH8_1447RH8_1447 RH8_1450RH8_1450 RH7_8351RH7_8351 RH8_1480RH8_1480 RH8_1491RH8_1491 RH8_1527RH8_1527 RH7_8361RH7_8361 RH7_8422RH7_8422 RH7_8438RH7_8438 RH7_8408RH7_8408 RH7_8491RH7_8491 RH8_1622-ERH8_1622-E RH8_1633RH8_1633 RH7_8531RH7_8531 RH8_1679-ERH8_1679-E RH8_1688RH8_1688


(R Hoague Photography) bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2017/11/desiree-and-ryan--a-vermont-wedding-on-the-spirit-of-ethan-allen Wed, 29 Nov 2017 00:10:37 GMT
The Best Equine Images of 2016 https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2017/1/the-best-equine-images-of-2016


These are the best equine images from 2016 that were not already published. Some of my best memories from this past year were sharing my love of equine photography with others, shooting in the rain at the Vermont Dressage Days and the dust of the Vermont State Gymkhana Championship and especially shooting eventing.  Thanks for making this a year to remember.  Enjoy!  - Ron  


(R Hoague Photography) equine horse photographer photos https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2017/1/the-best-equine-images-of-2016 Mon, 02 Jan 2017 18:43:00 GMT
New Headshot Page https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/12/new-headshot-page Jaren-133-EJaren-133-Erhoaguephotography.com



I've added a new section to the website announcing that I now offer headshot and other portrait photography.  It can be found here:

Commercial and Personal Headshots

My session are more than just 'smile and say cheese'.  I try to connect with my subjects and capture their best expression that exudes confidence with approachability.  The image you project to the world should be top quality and combined with expression, you'll look your best.  

If you or your business are looking for professional commercial headshots for use on your website, or advertising materials contact me for a quote.  Further, even if you're looking for something better than a selfie for use on your personal social media accounts or for inclusion in a resume, I also have packages to meet those needs also.  Contact me HERE


(R Hoague Photography) Commercial headshots Vermont Commercial Headshot Vermont commercial photographer Vermont headshots https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/12/new-headshot-page Sun, 18 Dec 2016 21:47:05 GMT
Ryan and Emily - A Vermont Wedding at Killington Resort https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/11/ryan-and-emily---a-vermont-wedding-at-killington-resort In addition to being my clients, Ryan and Emily are my friends, so when they asked to shoot their wedding, I could not say NO!  They are both career first responders and their dedication to both the public and each other is special.  Their wedding was at the Killington Grand Resort in Killington, Vermont.  I love capturing the beauty of a bride on her wedding day and Emily made a stunning bride.  I tried to capture that with the pictures we made before the ceremony.  Located at the bottom of Killington Mountain, the Resort is a great setting for a wedding with the mountain as the backdrop for their ceremony and formal pictures.  We then enjoyed a fantastic meal with the guests and a reception that just rocked!  This was an energetic crowd and their family and friends know how to party!  Check out some images from their day:  

RH7_4574RH7_4574 RH7_4548RH7_4548 RH7_4645RH7_4645 RH7_4680RH7_4680 RH8_7431-ERH8_7431-EA wonderful wedding yesterday at Killington Grand Resort Hotel with Emily and Ryan. Their love for each other is fantastic. Just getting back and going through images. Here's a preview of one of my favorites from the day. We were waiting for the ceremony and wanted to get a few portraits using just natural daylight. Nikon D800e, Nikon 85 1.4 gg#vermontwedding #vermontweddingphotographer #vtweddingphotos #shefitzhim RH8_7464RH8_7464 RH8_7488RH8_7488 RH8_7495RH8_7495

RH8_7541RH8_7541 RH7_4712-PanoRH7_4712-Pano RH8_7590RH8_7590 RH8_7583RH8_7583 RH8_7616RH8_7616

RH8_7710RH8_7710 RH8_7731RH8_7731 RH8_8032RH8_8032

RH8_7846RH8_7846 RH8_7936RH8_7936 RH7_4742RH7_4742 RH7_4779RH7_4779 RH7_4781RH7_4781 RH7_4803RH7_4803 RH7_4854RH7_4854 RH7_4847RH7_4847 RH7_4875RH7_4875 RH7_4909RH7_4909 RH7_4914RH7_4914 RH7_4927RH7_4927

(R Hoague Photography) bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/11/ryan-and-emily---a-vermont-wedding-at-killington-resort Mon, 14 Nov 2016 12:15:00 GMT
Alicia and Stephen - A Vermont Wedding at Champlain Valley Alpaca Farm and Barn https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/11/alicia-and-stephen---a-vermont-wedding-at-champlain-valley-alpaca-farm-and-barn Alicia and Stephen were married in August at the Champlain Valley Alapaca Farm and Barn in Bridport, Vermont.  They are a professional couple from Burlington with a love for each other... and beer.  Seriously, since Stephen works for a local brewery they should enjoy a good Vermont Brew.  There are many wedding barns in Vermont now but Champlain Valley Alpaca Farm and Barn is a unique location since it has local residents, the alpacas, who are present for every wedding and even attend sometimes.  In addition, it's home to some great views of the Adirondack Mountains.  Alicia and Stephen were married near the barn in a simple ceremony with a 'blending of the beers' and we then enjoyed the hospitality of the Barn crew and the BBQ catering service the couple hired.  With all of the outstanding meals we enjoy at weddings, this was the best of the year. (I have a weakness for BBQ)  The reception was great, with lots of energy from the guests and we had a good time catching all of it.  Enjoy some pictures from their day:  

RH7_9682RH7_9682 RH7_9724RH7_9724 RH7_9745RH7_9745 RH7_9753RH7_9753 RH7_9770-2RH7_9770-2 RH8_6480RH8_6480 RH8_6537-2RH8_6537-2 RH8_6554-2RH8_6554-2 RH7_9825RH7_9825    RH8_6688RH8_6688 RH7_9837RH7_9837 RH8_6759RH8_6759 RH8_6771RH8_6771

RH8_6805RH8_6805 RH8_6617-ERH8_6617-E RH7_9863RH7_9863 RH8_6927RH8_6927 RH8_6944RH8_6944 RH8_7151RH8_7151 RH8_7014RH8_7014 RH8_7076RH8_7076 RH7_9925RH7_9925 RH7_9927RH7_9927 RH8_7173RH8_7173 RH8_7184RH8_7184 RH7_9955RH7_9955 RH8_7234RH8_7234 RH7_9898RH7_9898

(R Hoague Photography) barn wedding bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/11/alicia-and-stephen---a-vermont-wedding-at-champlain-valley-alpaca-farm-and-barn Fri, 11 Nov 2016 22:58:27 GMT
Clarisse and Joe - A Burlington Vermont Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/10/clarisse-and-joe-08/20/2016--a-burlington-vermont-wedding Clarisse and Joe were married in August at Oakledge Park in Burlington Vermont.  Their day became somewhat hectic after car trouble struck the groom before the ceremony.  It all worked out in the end however.  Their ceremony was a simple affair in the park with guests gathering around as they were married.  After they held their sailing themed reception at the Hilton Burlington on the waterfront.  They love the water and designed a reception that included items such as lighthouses and life preservers.  Clarisse and Joe's love for each other was very evident throughout the day and we tried to capture this by telling the story of their day in pictures.

RH7_9485-ERH7_9485-EThis simple portrait was m,ade yesterday at a wedding I worked in Burlington, VT. Clarisse looked stunning in her classic lace dress. We made this in her hotel room as we waited for the time to leave for the ceremony. Nikon D750, Tamron 24-70 DiVC #vermontweddingphotographer #vtwedding #vtweddingphotographer #bridalportrait #weddingdress RH7_9401RH7_9401 RH7_9523RH7_9523 RH8_5848RH8_5848 RH7_9412RH7_9412

RH8_6008RH8_6008 RH8_6059RH8_6059 RH8_6075RH8_6075 RH8_6098RH8_6098

RH8_6278RH8_6278 RH8_6265-E-2RH8_6265-E-2 RH8_6255-2RH8_6255-2 RH8_6244RH8_6244 RH8_6232-ERH8_6232-E RH8_6196RH8_6196

RH7_9574RH7_9574 RH7_9591-ERH7_9591-E RH7_9647RH7_9647 RH7_9644RH7_9644 RH8_6328RH8_6328 RH7_9674RH7_9674 RH7_9668RH7_9668 RH7_9673RH7_9673

(R Hoague Photography) bride hilton burlington wedding oakledge park wedding vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/10/clarisse-and-joe-08/20/2016--a-burlington-vermont-wedding Mon, 24 Oct 2016 14:34:27 GMT
Lauren and Ryan - A wedding at the Valcour Inn and Boathouse https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/9/lauren-and-ryan---a-wedding-at-the-valcour-inn-and-boathouse Lauren and Ryan were married early in August of this year at the Valcour Inn and Boathouse near Plattburgh, NY.  They are a young professional couple and they were really creative in planning their wedding.  Not only did they choose a beautiful location on the shore of Lake Champlain, but they included a dance routine that was worthy of a particular reality show! The service and reception were both well handled by the staff at the Valcour with the boathouse being a unique location for the reception .  Check out some of the photos from their day: 

RH8_5301RH8_5301 RH8_5320RH8_5320 RH8_5406RH8_5406 RH8_5435RH8_5435

RH8_5470RH8_5470 RH7_5836-PanoRH7_5836-Pano RH8_5530RH8_5530

RH8_5360RH8_5360 RH8_5599-ERH8_5599-E RH8_5825-ERH8_5825-E

RH7_5894RH7_5894 RH7_5999RH7_5999

(R Hoague Photography) bride lake champlain wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/9/lauren-and-ryan---a-wedding-at-the-valcour-inn-and-boathouse Sat, 24 Sep 2016 23:19:36 GMT
Janelle and Adam - Wedding at Jay Peak Resort https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/9/janelle-and-adam---wedding-at-jay-peak-resort Janelle and Adam were married at Jay Peak Resort in early August.  They had their ceremony at the top of Jay Peak which provides spectacular views and a unique location for a wedding ceremony.  Its characterized by a trip up to the top via an enclosed tram.  The reception was handled expertly by the staff at Jay Peak with everyone having a great time.  Enjoy a few of the photos from the day.


RH7_5537RH7_5537Jay Peak Resort wedding RH7_5537RH7_5537Jay Peak Resort wedding RH7_5537RH7_5537Jay Peak Resort wedding RH7_5537RH7_5537Jay Peak Resort wedding RH8_4855RH8_4855Jay Peak Resort wedding RH8_4855RH8_4855Jay Peak Resort wedding RH8_4855RH8_4855Jay Peak Resort wedding RH8_5037RH8_5037Jay Peak Resort Wedding RH7_5660RH7_5660 RH8_5094RH8_5094 RH7_5712RH7_5712 RH7_5725RH7_5725 RH7_5735RH7_5735 RH7_5779-ERH7_5779-E RH7_5782RH7_5782

(R Hoague Photography) bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/9/janelle-and-adam---wedding-at-jay-peak-resort Thu, 01 Sep 2016 18:57:49 GMT
HEADSHOTS! https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/5/headshots It seems that nowadays everyone needs a great image of themselves to use for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or in their business.  Years ago, the only people who needed headshots were models, celebrities and politicians.  But now with social media and web based hiring, it seems everyone needs a professionally done headshot.  I've been experimenting with headshots the past few years and just recently upgraded my studio facility at home so I now have the ability to do them there as well as at a remote location.  Check out Jaren's headshot from last week... 




He needed a professional headshot for use by his employer and came to me.  In just about a half hour, we created several shots like this that represent who he is: a fun loving, confident professional.  I think he would describe his session as fun also since I like to keep it light and have a good time while we are making pictures.  I promise your session will not be boring and we will make great images even if you're like me and don't like to have your picture taken!  

Below are further examples from a headshot session last year with a local real estate company who were seeking to freshen up their web presence.  I went to their location and in addition to individual headshots, we made a group photo for use in their advertising.  


RH8_2929-ERH8_2929-EVermont headshot photographer   RH8_3031-ERH8_3031-EVermont headshot photographer


If you or your business are looking for professional commercial headshots for use on your website, or advertising materials contact me for a quote.  Further, even if you're looking for something better than a selfie for use on your personal social media accounts or for inclusion in a resume, I also have packages to meet those needs also.  Contact me HERE


(R Hoague Photography) Commercial headshots Vermont Commercial Headshot Vermont commercial photographer Vermont headshots https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/5/headshots Sun, 15 May 2016 17:17:43 GMT
Equine Photography Clinic https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/2/equineclinic  

Vermont Equine Photo Clinic

Join me on June 19, 2016 at the beautiful Mountaintop Inn and Resort in Chittenden, Vermont for a one day class that will train and inspire you to create great equine images! 

I'll be conducting a one-day workshop at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort, Vermont’s premier equine vacation and lodging facility in Chittenden, VT, with the focus on learning techniques to take your equine photos from snapshots to professional level images. Through classroom instruction, practical demonstration and hands-on practice, you will leave with a better understanding of how to capture great images of horses. The workshop will be a study of light and best practices to recognize not only the amount of light, but also the quality.  This class is for all skill levels, beginners to advanced photographers. (All participants should have at least a basic knowledge of the settings of their chosen camera system). The day will begin with a short classroom segment where we will get a review of the basics of photography, equipment recommendations, and examples of how to ‘see’ light.   We will then enjoy some of Vermont’s most beautiful scenery by shooting several photo set-ups in various locations around the Resort.  Among others, shoots will include an environmental portrait session with a horse and rider, a shoot typical of horse show conditions, and a pasture shoot with horses on the move.  Throughout, I will share tips from his experience on how photographer position, light direction and camera settings can be used to create better picture and give you inspiration to create better equine photos.  Register and more information here



(R Hoague Photography) equine photography photo clinic photography photography clinic vermont equine photographer vermont photo clinic https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2016/2/equineclinic Sun, 28 Feb 2016 22:49:04 GMT
Mary and Andrew: A Wedding on the Spirit of Ethan Allen https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/10/mary-and-andrew-a-wedding-on-the-spirit-of-ethan-allen RH8_8081-ERH8_8081-E

Mary and Andrew were married in August in St Albans.  Their wedding was traditional in that it was a Catholic mass and this posed the usual challenges for me.  Low light was the rule in the church and the D800e was up to the high iso needed.  The pictures from the ceremony here were at ISO 6400.  Mary is really into pictures and we did formals in three different locations.  Inside the church, outside the church and on the waterfront in Burlington.  Their reception was on the Spirit of Ethan Allen and since I have done weddings there before, I knew to expect the tight quarters.  The previous times we had grey skies and this night wasn't shaping up for anything different when we embarked.  During the dinner I saw the skies starting to break as the sun went down.  I grabbed Mary and Andrew and we headed for the bow of the boat.  The crew of the Spirit is always really accommodating and they not only turned the boat for the best background, they allowed us to shoot in the bridge.  The night was capped by a sparkler send-off which is not very common here in the North but getting back to shore at the end of the night was a perfect time for one.


RH1_3943-ERH1_3943-E RH8_7445RH8_7445

RH8_7605RH8_7605 RH8_7684RH8_7684 RH8_7700RH8_7700

RH8_7795RH8_7795 RH8_7808RH8_7808 RH8_7829RH8_7829

RH8_8156RH8_8156 RH8_8176RH8_8176 RH8_8135RH8_8135

RH1_4188RH1_4188 RH8_8337RH8_8337






(R Hoague Photography) bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/10/mary-and-andrew-a-wedding-on-the-spirit-of-ethan-allen Sat, 10 Oct 2015 19:44:33 GMT
Danielle and John - A Burlington, VT Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/10/danielle-and-john---a-burlington-vt-wedding  


Danielle and John were married in July here in Burlington, VT.  Their wedding at the Burlington Elks Club was one of the most unique that I have worked in that it included warm temps for Vermont, a rain shower during the ceremony, a first look that was special for them both, and a great location on the UVM campus for formals.  That's before we even arrived at the reception.  This was where we enjoyed a surprise song and dance from both the Bride and her Dad and also an appearance by Elvis.  They were a great couple to work with since they were into pictures and were up for anything.  They each had nothing but smiles all day!  Enjoy some pics from their day. 


RH8_6286-ERH8_6286-E RH8_6213RH8_6213 RH8_6194RH8_6194 RH1_3606RH1_3606 RH8_6406RH8_6406

RH8_6349RH8_6349 RH8_6536RH8_6536 RH8_6584RH8_6584 RH8_6775RH8_6775 RH8_6893RH8_6893

(R Hoague Photography) bride burlington vermont wedding vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/10/danielle-and-john---a-burlington-vt-wedding Fri, 02 Oct 2015 01:04:29 GMT
Lindsey and Sean- Jay Peak Resort Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/7/lindsey-and-sean--jay-peak-resort-wedding I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Lindsey and Sean's wedding at Jay Peak Resort a few weeks ago.  They had the fortune of perfect weather for the outside ceremony near the pond.  The fact that no one knew how to tie a bow tie nearly made the groom show up with a wardrobe malfunction but thanks to Google, the tie was tied and he looked great.  Lindsey and Sean are avid fishermen and they wanted to make a picture that that would let everyone know about their interest and show how much fun they have together so we made the one below where Sean has been 'hooked' by Lindsey permanently!  Their wedding theme was fishing and they carried this out with all of the accessories.  The reception was carried out in usual excellent style by the staff at Jay Peak Resort and the dancing also had a memorable moment when the groom broke out into karaoke.  Thanks to Lindsey and Sean for allowing me to attend their celebration, enjoy the images. 

RH8_4458RH8_4458 RH1_7777RH1_7777 RH1_7785RH1_7785 RH8_4549-ERH8_4549-E

(R Hoague Photography) bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/7/lindsey-and-sean--jay-peak-resort-wedding Mon, 20 Jul 2015 12:15:00 GMT
Michele and Eric - Old Lantern Inn and Barn Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/7/michele-and-eric-old-lantern-inn-and-barn-wedding RH8_3890RH8_3890Old Lantern Inn and Barn


Michele and Eric were married at the Old Lantern Inn and Barn in Charlotte, VT.  Their wedding had a fun, yet sophisticated feel with an outdoor ceremony on a perfect day.  It was a short ceremony which, for a wedding photographer, made for a hectic few minutes in order to get the shots.  The reception was very fun with great music and donut treats near the cake for the guests.  We were able to get away with the bride and groom at one point to make some portraits of them just as the sun was setting and these are some of my favorites.  The night was culminated with an antique car arriving to take them on a romantic ride.  The video we shot of their departure made the wedding video ending perfect! 

RH1_7619RH1_7619Old Lantern Inn and Barn

RH1_7619RH1_7619Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH1_7619RH1_7619Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH1_7619RH1_7619Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH1_7619RH1_7619Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH1_7619RH1_7619Old Lantern Inn and Barn

RH8_4054RH8_4054Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_4054RH8_4054Old Lantern Inn and Barn

RH8_3890RH8_3890Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_3890RH8_3890Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_3890RH8_3890Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_4193RH8_4193Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_4193RH8_4193Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_4193RH8_4193Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_4193RH8_4193Old Lantern Inn and Barn RH8_4193RH8_4193Old Lantern Inn and Barn

(R Hoague Photography) bride portrait vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/7/michele-and-eric-old-lantern-inn-and-barn-wedding Tue, 07 Jul 2015 22:10:36 GMT
2015 Horse Event Dates and Mini Sessions https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/5/2015-horse-show-dates-and-mini-sessions RH1_1494RH1_1494

My schedule for the summer has filled up quickly and let me say that come next week, I will be busy and shooting lots of events throughout the summer!  To give everyone a better chance to plan, a list of dates for horse events that I will be attending this summer is below.  Thanks for supporting me everyone, I hope to see you at a show this summer! 


Mini Sessions

I will also schedule mini-sessions at any of the events I am attending so if you'd like some one on one time with me, your horse and the camera, please contact me.  Mini Sessions will consist of 20-30 minutes of shooting time, an online proofing gallery and five (5) finished images for $75.00. 


Below are the dates that I have on my calendar so far.  It's not a final list and I will consider other events as they are presented. 


June 6 (NWRDC)

June 27 (LCS)

July 9-12 (VT State 4H Horse Show, Addison Fair) 

July 19 (NWRDC Open Show) 

September 3 (Vt State Barrels Championship CV Fair)

September 4 (Vt State Gymkhana Championships CV Fair)

Sept 13 (NWRDC Open Show) 

October 10 (LCS)  Tentative



(R Hoague Photography) equine gymkhana horses open show https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/5/2015-horse-show-dates-and-mini-sessions Tue, 26 May 2015 02:16:14 GMT
A Vermont Engagement on Ice- Andrew and Mary https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/3/andrew-and-mary-a-vermont-engagement-on-ice RH8_3100-ERH8_3100-E

Mary and Andrew are engaged to be married in August of 2015.  They wanted to make some engagement pictures that were different from others so they chose to do them in the winter.  We set up a date to meet on Lake Memphremagog where we found lots of great choices.  Each of them is a pharmacist, and despite being dedicated to their work, love to ski and have fun with one another.  Despite the cold and Mary's limited mobility from an unfortunate car accident we still worked with several locations.  Not to worry, she's going to be 100 percent when she walks down the aisle!  They were real troopers and agreed to be outside for the whole session.  One of our locations was a cool ice maze near the lake.  Using two flashes and a bit of creative white balance selection, I made the final image below. I love the blue colors of the ice and how it gives a winter feel to the image.  This was a fun shoot and I can't wait for the wedding! 








(R Hoague Photography) Vermont Wedding Vermont Wedding Photographer bride engagement https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/3/andrew-and-mary-a-vermont-engagement-on-ice Sun, 15 Mar 2015 21:20:17 GMT
Lindsey and Patrick - Button Bay State Park Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/3/lindsey-and-patrick---button-bay-state-park-wedding RH8_9762RH8_9762Button bay State Park Wedding

Lindsey and Patrick were married at Button Bay State Park in Vermont.  They live in Massachusetts but chose to be married here in Vermont for the beauty.  They had a casual ceremony that had a feeling of nature since it was outside with their friends and relatives gathered near Lake Champlain.  The reception was right nearby and was a great time with a photo booth (provided by me), a great DJ and a touching send-off of lanterns for parents who could not be there.  The sunset on the lake was fantastic that evening and we took advantage by taking some impromptu portraits of them.  Thanks Lindsey and Patrick for allowing me to be a part of it!  RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding RH8_9399-ERH8_9399-EButton Bay State Park Wedding


(R Hoague Photography) button bay state park vermont bride vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/3/lindsey-and-patrick---button-bay-state-park-wedding Sun, 08 Mar 2015 19:10:34 GMT
Michelle and Michael - All Souls Interfaith Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/3/michelle-and-michael---all-souls-interfaith-wedding RH8_0176-ERH8_0176-EAll Souls Interfaith Gathering

Michelle and Michael were married at All Souls Interfaith Church in Shelburne Vermont.  It's a very intimate location that is a great choice for a wedding.  They also chose a great time of year in Vermont and the foliage did not disappoint.  This venue has a great view of the Adirondack Mountains and if it had not been for some rain moving in, we would have been able to see a great sunset.  Fortunately, it held off until the reception and we were still able to make images like the ones below.  Their ceremony even included a vocal number by Michelle and I was very fortunate to be able to be a part of it! 


RH8_0244RH8_0244All Souls Interfaith Gathering RH8_0244RH8_0244All Souls Interfaith Gathering RH8_0244RH8_0244All Souls Interfaith Gathering RH8_0244RH8_0244All Souls Interfaith Gathering RH8_0244RH8_0244All Souls Interfaith Gathering RH8_0244RH8_0244All Souls Interfaith Gathering


(R Hoague Photography) Vermont Bride all souls interfaith gathering bride. vermont wedding vermont wedding photographer wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2015/3/michelle-and-michael---all-souls-interfaith-wedding Sun, 08 Mar 2015 18:35:41 GMT
Kyleigh: Enosburg High School Senior 2015 https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/9/kyleigh-enosburg-high-school-senior-15 Kyleigh Enosburg Senior 15RH8_6628-E The month of September has been crazy for senior portrait shoots.  I started the month with Kyleigh.  A pretty young woman with a great personality who will graduate in 2015 from Enosburg High School here in Vermont.  Our shoot took place at a local State park and we found lots of locations to make images.  Her parents even lent a hand with lighting and scrims.  Congrats to Kyleigh and her family. 






(R Hoague Photography) senior portraits", "2015 Senior", "Class of 2015", "Enosburg High School" https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/9/kyleigh-enosburg-high-school-senior-15 Wed, 17 Sep 2014 01:25:38 GMT
Monty - Antique Police Car Automotive Photography https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/4/monty---police-car-photography  I was asked last year by the Vermont State Police to make some images of Monty, a 1947 Ford Police Car that is the mascot of the Agency.  I had done a shoot last year with a police cruiser and you can see those images here.  Due  to logistical issues and scheduling, I wasn't able to do a shoot until just a few weeks ago.  It's used mostly for PR events at local fairs and car shows and it always a hit with folks who are fans of nostalgia or vintage cars.  It was found in the early 70's in a barn by two VSP members and restored back to original condition.  It now resides at the VSP Special Services garage in Colchester and lives a good retirement life.  Notice the period correct police radio installed inside and the red lights on the fenders.  The one on the right fender is controlled from the inside (it's in its stowed position here).  I can imagine someone seeing those red lights in their rear view mirror.  This is the 40's version of a bad night for criminals!

Monty is the mascot of the Vermont State Police. A 1947 Ford.

These images were made in their garage by using one speedlight for most of the shots and a second for some of them to light up key areas.  My main light used one strip softbox and the other having a small strip box from Rogue Imaging.  I shot tethered into my laptop so I could easily view the lighting results and used a Nikon D700 (haven't found a better replacement) and a new Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC.  The interior images were lighted with one speedlight bounced from the back seat onto white paper gaffer taped to the ceiling. 

Monty is the mascot of the Vermont State Police. A 1947 Ford. Monty is the mascot of the Vermont State Police. A 1947 Ford. Monty is the mascot of the Vermont State Police. A 1947 Ford.

Thanks so much to the guys at Special Services for making this happen and especially Dave Tift and Rich Kelley!  I plan to do another shoot with Monty this summer.  If anyone knows someone who has a similar aged vehicle (not police) who would like to help and be rewarded with pics of their car, please have them contact me.  I am kind of diggin' this auto photography so if anyone likes these and wants some of their own, use the contact page.   Thanks for reading, I hope you like them. Monty is the mascot of the Vermont State Police. A 1947 Ford. Monty is the mascot of the Vermont State Police. A 1947 Ford.

(R Hoague Photography) automotive ford green photography police https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/4/monty---police-car-photography Mon, 28 Apr 2014 21:23:58 GMT
Vermont Engagement - Ari and Peter https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/3/vermont-engagement---ari-and-peter Ari and Peter are engaged to be married and asked me to shoot their engagement photos.  They were looking for a winter theme and this year's weather in Vermont has not disappointed.  It was cold especially on the water's edge where Ari had the great idea of making some images and I even tripped into the snow one time.  But it was worth it!  The ice coated rocks made for a real wintery scene with Burlington's waterfront in the background.  As you will see below, we made some great pics and it's easy to see why they are getting married. 


RH7_3300-ERH7_3300-E RH7_3357-EditRH7_3357-Edit RH7_3597RH7_3597 RH7_3622RH7_3622 RH7_3648RH7_3648 RH1_7743-Edit-2RH1_7743-Edit-2 RH7_3775-2RH7_3775-2   RH1_7747RH1_7747

(R Hoague Photography) Photography engagement photographer photos vermont wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/3/vermont-engagement---ari-and-peter Fri, 07 Mar 2014 18:32:54 GMT
Kayleigh and Scott - Winter Wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/2/kayleigh-and-scott---winter-wedding Check out the video below from Kayleigh and Scott's wedding last weekend in Malone, NY.  They had a winter theme and the weather did not disappoint.  The bride and bridesmaids wore handmade fur covers and the reception decorations were very well done in the winter theme.  While we had to brave the cold outside to make pictures, it was worthwhile and we all had a good time.  Congratulations guys! 


KayleighandScottSlideshow from Ron Hoague on Vimeo.

(R Hoague Photography) bride fusion photography wedding winter https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2014/2/kayleigh-and-scott---winter-wedding Mon, 17 Feb 2014 02:05:21 GMT
Tara and Paul - Wedding at Jay Peak Resort https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/9/tara-and-paul---wedding-at-jay-peak-resort August 31st was the big day for Tara and Paul.  They had chosen to have their wedding at the Jay Peak Resort here in Vermont.  The resort has seen a transformation over the past few years and now includes a golf course, a very stylish hotel and even a year round water park.  Their ceremony in 'The Barn' included humor and a sharing of their love for their children who dressed like princesses from a story book.  The reception moved into the hotel and thanks to a lively DJ and my photo booth, the guests had a fantastic time.  Congratulations Tara and Paul! 






















(R Hoague Photography) Jay Peak Resort bride wedding https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/9/tara-and-paul---wedding-at-jay-peak-resort Fri, 13 Sep 2013 00:31:27 GMT
Michael and Jamiee- Wedding on The Spirit of Ethan Allen https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/6/michael-and-jamiee These are images from Michael and Jamiee's wedding this past weekend.  They started their day getting ready at the Courtyard Marriott in Burlington where I got to meet most of the immediate family.  Their family is obviously very close and the two families seemed like one big one.  We headed over to Battery Park for formals of both the Bride and Groom along with their son and nieces and nephews.  We headed down to the waterfront where we got on the Spirit of Ethan Allen for the afternoon.  The ceremony was quick and well done with a great meal provided after by the staff of the Spirit.  Unfortunately, it rained off and on for most of the afternoon, but I am told that this brings good luck to the couple? 

RH7_5069 RH7_5141 RH7_5083 RH7_5239 RH7_5318 RH7_5276

(R Hoague Photography) Wedding bride groom lake champlain wedding spirit of ethan allen https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/6/michael-and-jamiee Fri, 28 Jun 2013 13:30:00 GMT
In Appreciation of EMS https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/6/in-appreciation-of-ems Colchester Ambulance

Many people might know that my wife and I have been in public safety for a long time.  My wife has been an EMT and then a Paramedic for 17 years.  These folks (mostly volunteers) are there, day and night giving comfort to the sick and saving those who are near death.  Being around them for a long time gave me appreciation for the work they do.  So having this in mind, I had the thought to do a shoot with one of the crews at Colchester Rescue and give them some images that they probably would never have seen before and could also use for their annual Family Fun and Safety Night.  I told my wife that I needed a crew that was both willing to do it, and would have fun while doing it.  She gave me a choice of a few crews and I definitely think I chose the right one.  (Not that all of their EMT's wouldn't have been willing and they are all a fun-loving group!) 

Colch Rescue-362

I wanted to do some individual shots and a group set up that would both show the camaraderie they have and the seriousness of their job.  We started around 6:30 PM and I knew that the group shot I envisioned would include the spectacular waterfront that Colchester has.  This meant I was fighting time against the sunset and had to get some of the individuals done before moving to the park near Lake Champlain.  I set up a quick shot near one of their ambulances and tried to use it as the background for my models.  Using just one speedlight through an umbrella I was able to light them with some great light and a simple set-up.  As you can see from the production shot, I was trying to get a fairly low angle.  I also used another gelled flash on a radio trigger to throw some red light light to the rear of one of the shots to give the background some depth. 

Colchester Rescue Photos


After, we moved to the waterfront and set up a shot with the sun setting behind the truck.  I posed the crew in a manner that would sort of give them an action figure feeling.  I know they wouldn't agree, but I think they played the part well.  I used a large 43" softbox with two speedlights this time since I thought I would need the power to light a large group.  I was able to make them the focal point and still include the truck that is their office by using a 24-70 lens set to 35mm.  Some tweaking in Lightroom in post and I had the shot I saw in my head. 

Colchester Ambulance at Mallets BayRH7_4156


The crew moved back to the station and since it was now dark, we wanted to try to make some cool shots as if they were responding out of the garage.  The image at the top was shot with ambient light only, and one flash placed on the dash, again with a red gell.  The two guys played up to the idea of this shot and gave me some great poses to choose from. 

Finally, I shot the annual squad photo for CRS and had a ball doing so.  They have such an easy going group of folks that it's hard to not make great pics with them. 

Colchester Rescue AmbulanceCRS_FFSN13-7 Thanks to CRS for allowing me to shoot their event and especially to Ben, Katherine, Tonia, and Peter for volunteering to be models for me!  You guys are the best and your work is very much appreciated. 

(R Hoague Photography) ambulance emergency photography portrait https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/6/in-appreciation-of-ems Wed, 05 Jun 2013 00:48:44 GMT
Photoshop World Orlando https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/4/photoshop-world-orlando  

Photoshop World


I spent the last four days in Orlando, FL learning from the best photographers in the world.  I entered a contest back in January with Kelby Training and won a full conference pass to Photoshop World 2013.  This is a collaboration between Kelby Training and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). It features classes in photography, lighting, graphic design, and of course, Photoshop.  The three days of classes are taught by photographers who have worked for the largest magazines such as National Geographic and Sports Illustrated, worked in commercial photography for many years and are experts in the field.  


By the way, except for "Amelia", these are all iPhone snapshots.  


The day before the conference, I was able to attend a day long session with Joe McNally.  He has created spectacular photography for 35 years and is known as being the master of lighting with small and large strobes, having secured many covers of National Geographic.  The class was called Characters on Location: Telling Stories in Light.Joe McNally using his parabolic umbrella After a classroom discussion on how light works and what makes good and bad lighting, we were transported to a studio in downtown Orlando where Joe’s staff had set up five sets with professional models.  The sets included studio strobes, small off camera flash, constant lights, and natural lighting outdoors.  We were able to make our way to each set, direct the models, adjust the lighting and have fun creating great images.  All the while, Joe and his staff were there to give tips, share their knowledge and help us get the most out of the class.  The class was definitely worth the cost and as you might have seen in my recent Facebook post, I made some fine images.  Bridal Shoot at PSW


The next three days at the conference were hectic!  Two 12 hour days on Wednesday and Thursday brought some tired feet and lots of photographic knowledge.  I was able to attend classes on the business side of photography such as forms and copyrights and using social media to keep in touch with clients.  Classes I attended also included using Photoshop to finish images, lighting for portraits and weddings, sports photography, compositing images, and using remote cameras.  The last is something I plan to do more of this year in gymkhana so look out for those images this year.  


Here's one of the pictures I made during the week...


There was also an expo for shopping (yeah!) with even more free classes.  I didn’t spend much here but I am sure that I’ll be looking at some of the products soon.  One of the ones I plan to buy is from Image Wizards.  They print on metal.  That’s right...aluminum sheets.  Their products are so detailed with such rich colors that it’s hard to believe they are printed with ink.  The prints are just spectacular and I plan to get one soon for a spot that has been reserved in my office.


Finally, the session titled ‘The Art of Digital Photography’ was an evening of slides from eight of the best photographers including McNally, Dave Black, Moose Petersen, Jay Maisel, Julianne Kost, Joe Glyda, and Jim Divitale.  Image Wizards This was a night of inspiration and creativity with everything from a slide presentation on making a project out of a closet light pull chain (seriously) to climbing the tallest building in the world in Dubai just to take a photo.  



I left the conference with lots of new ideas for shoots and a better knowledge of how to make your (and my) pictures better.  Thanks for reading. 

(R Hoague Photography) orlando photography photoshop photoshop world portrait world https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/4/photoshop-world-orlando Mon, 22 Apr 2013 04:00:00 GMT
Tactical Officers https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/4/tactical-officers SWAT Officer Portrait

So a few weeks ago, I posted a blog with shots from a shoot with one of the police cruisers at my other job.  The idea was to use them as promotional items and for our display boards at the local home show.  The pics were a great hit and we had a great time making them.  So, I decided I wanted to do some portraits of a couple of our tactical officers in full gear.  I wanted to give the pics the look of what you might see in ESPN the Magazine or something similar.  Sort of the grungy, manly look, that is so popular with athletes now.  So we set up the shoot in the basement of our City Hall since this had a rough, worn look that would give the impression of the types of areas where our tactical team might be used.  Our team is used to serve warrants, resolve barricaded subjects and respond to critical incidents that have the potential to turn violent.  If these guys come knocking on your door, you've done something you shouldn't have!

SWAT Officer Portrait

The shoot turned out to be very fun and both of my team-mates were really cooperative.  You wouldn't know it from the serious looks on their faces, but they were having a blast between mugging for the camera and the other officers off scene giving them grief!  A few of the out-takes are priceless but I have been sworn to never show them.

SWAT officers

For those of you wondering about equipment, settings and such:  All shots were done with a Nikon D700 with between one and three small flashes for lighting.  I used a softbox for the main light and the others as accent lights from the rear.  The rear ones had grids attached to narrow the light and keep it directed.  The images were processed in both Lightroom and Photoshop, using extra sharpening and other filters to give them the look I wanted. 

SWAT Officers

I really enjoyed working with these guys and we made some great images.  We don't often get the chance to be photographed and portrayed in a good light in our line of work so I know the guys liked the final product.  My plan is to do more of this type of work to include other emergency workers such as Fire and EMS.  I don't believe we appreciate what these folks give of themselves everyday to keep us safe.  Look for more of this in the future. 


As always, thanks for reading! 

(R Hoague Photography) Photography police portrait weapons https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/4/tactical-officers Wed, 10 Apr 2013 21:50:54 GMT
The Big Change Round-up Gymkhana https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/3/the-big-change-round-up-gymkhana

If you didn't attend the 2013 Big Change Round-up last weekend at Jolley Stables in Colchester, you missed a great time!  This event was for charity and is the project of Fletcher Allen Health Center and local radio station WOKO to benefit the Vermont Children's Hospital. It was organized with the help of Erin Longworth of Erin Longworth Performance Horses in Milton.  We had plenty of competitors from kids who were trying gymkhana for the first time to riders who are experienced on the local gymkhana circuit.  One of them is Ashely Rae Smith who asked me to attend and try to get some great images from the day.  I agreed and then offered to donate a 2 hour portrait session that came with a free 11x14 print.  There were lots of great prizes given away that had been donated by several local businesses.  It was the first competition of the season for most and although at first you could see there was a little rust on the horses from the long winter, it soon was gone and they looked like they were back in the game.  From the smiles on the faces I saw, I think this was a success and will be held again next year! 







For those that are not aware, gymkhana is a series of games that involves pole bending, barrel racing and jumping.  The action is usually challenging enough to capture, but this event being held inside made it even more so.  The darkness of the arena and the windows at the top of the walls made the exposures pretty challenging.  I was faced with either lighting the area with secondary sources (not easy and the horses might be affected by flash) or high ISO's.  I chose the ISO's and   my Nikon's were up to it.  A little noise reduction in Lightroom and we made some great images. 


(Left) This pony gave his opinion of gymkhana... must be an open show horse!







(Right) Ivy obviously having a good time, but then, when doesn't she? 




Thanks to everyone who have already bought pics from this! See you next year. More info on the Big Change Round-up can be found here.   Make sure to leave me a comment if you like what you see or have something else you want to see, or whatever. 












(R Hoague Photography) Gymkahana equine horses photography https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/3/the-big-change-round-up-gymkhana Mon, 18 Mar 2013 15:18:18 GMT
Automotive Photography - Police Cruiser https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/3/automotive-photography---police-cruiser-beauty 2013 Ford Police Interceptor OK, so maybe not everyone will think this view of a police cruiser is beautiful, especially in your rearview mirror.  But. this week I did a shoot that was something new for me.  I have never thought I would be into automotive photography, but after watching an online class, I decided to try it.  I wanted to try a subject that would be really cool, and yet be accessible.  Not knowing anyone who owns a Ferrari or Lamborghini or other exotic cars, I decided to use a subject that only I would have access to.  Since my ‘other’ job allows me access to police cruisers, I thought I could do a shoot with one of our newest.  Further, the shoot would be used to promote the Police Department and to update our display boards for the upcoming show season.  


St Albans, VT Police Ford Interceptor The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor is a really great vehicle.  While it’s only a 6 cylinder, Ford has really gotten the most out of it and it can accelerate with the Dodge Charger.  It only loses out to the HEMI on the top speed category.  Even better, it’s all wheel drive and in this part of the country, we need it, believe me.  The black and white paint scheme would make for some challenging, but attractive images and we wanted to capture shots that would be dramatic.  This car is equipped with an automated license plate reader.  You can just see the cameras on the trunk in the pic of the rear of the car.  The technology that's inside today's police vehicles is really incredible.  From in car video cameras to laptop computers (the next generation will be tablets) and better radio equipment; Officers have to be familiar with many different pieces of equipment. 

2013 Ford Police Interceptor I say we in that I had my friend Jason assisting.  We used only one light, a small hot-shoe flash, for this whole shoot.  It was placed inside a 10x36 strip softbox with Pocket Wizard Plus III’s.  We also shot tethered into Lightroom the whole time and this allowed us to see the details of the shots as we took them.  Most of the shots were done with a Nikon D700 and 24-70 zoom but Jason even used his D3100 and an 18-55 kit lens for the side view, which goes to show that you do not need an expensive camera to do great work.  We went around the car trying to get details and overviews of the car that could be used to show the technology of the car and yet capture the style also. 

St Albans VT 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Thanks for reading.  If anyone has any questions or comments, be sure to leave one at the bottom. 

(R Hoague Photography) Ford Interceptor Photography automotive police https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/3/automotive-photography---police-cruiser-beauty Tue, 05 Mar 2013 18:49:02 GMT
Equine Group Sessions https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/2/group-sessions



Are you boarding at a barn?  Maybe a barn manager who wants to offer something different?  How about friends who all own and love horses?  This year I am offering a group rate for barn owners or groups of friends that want to have pictures with their horses.  Here's the deal:


  • Gather at least three people. (Possibly more depending on travel)
  • Choose a contact.  This can be the barn owner, or anyone who wants to be the person who signs others up.  This person may get their session discounted or even free depending on how many people sign up.  I can supply you with materials to promote the sessions but you sign up the people.  
  • We will choose a day to shoot, then each person will choose a session time. If you don't all keep your horses at the same place, that's OK, we can decide on a location that works for everyone. 
  • On the day, I go to your barn or where ever the group chooses and we make great images!


The session fee will be $100 each (a 33% savings off my normal rate) with a non-refundable deposit of $50 at the time we book.  The fee is on a per horse/per person basis.  What's this get you?  At least an hour of shooting time, a DVD with all of the images suitable for the web (Facebook, etc), your own gallery on my website where you can view the images for 6 months and can order prints and all kinds of other great stuff with your horse on it!  Plus a great time taking pics with your horse, your friends and their horses!

Email me if you are interested in setting up a group or for more info. 

(R Hoague Photography) Photography equine groups horses https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2013/2/group-sessions Fri, 22 Feb 2013 03:19:57 GMT
New Photo Products and More https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2012/7/new-photo-products-and-more This post is about the various products I offer for my photos.  many people have commented about how fast their prints arrived and I have had the same success.  The vendor I use for prints supplies prints and such to many professionals and their quality is second to none.  I am entering two pics at the Champlain Valley Fair this year and had them printed at 16x24 size on metallic paper.  If you haven't tried metallic paper yet, do so.  They are just stunning!  You'll be able to check them out in the art gallery at the Fair from August 25th to Sept 3.  

A tip for anyone ordering prints.  If you want extra protection and to give them a real quality look, specify lustre coating when you order.  It gives them a satin sheen that really makes them pop. 

Also, my site managing company has added a new vendor that produces screen printed items from digital images.  In addition to prints and such, I now offer book marks, keychains and Iphone and Ipad cases that can be printed with your favorite photos. 



Finally, I've gotten a few requests for CD's with bulk images on them.  People have asked about picking out their favorite images and being able to obtain a CD with all of them on it.  Well, I now offer that, but in digital form minus the CD.  If this is something you'd like, here's the instructions:

  1. register an account on my site
  2. Go to the top right of the gallery page and click 'select photos'.  A series of black dots will appear on the pictures.  Just click the ones you want, then click 'add to favorites'. 
  3. At the top left, you'll see 'my selection', click this and then 'edit my selection'. 
  4. A page will come up with all of the photos you have selected.  Then click 'send to...' in the top left. 
  5. There will be a pop up that says 'send to photographer'.  Fill this info out and the ones you selected will be sent to me as a notification. 
  6. Now go to the Home Page, select Investment, then Purchase Bulk Images.
  7. Hover over the 'Buy" button at the top right and then click 'select product.
  8. A window will pop up and ask you to choose either up to 50 images ($30.00) or up to 100 images ($55.00).  Choose the one you want with the number of images you selected before and then follow the checkout process.  You can pay with Paypal that will allow you to use a credit card if you choose. 
  9. Once I am notified payment has been made, I will send an email with the password for a gallery created specially with your selected images. You'll be able to download them from there. 

I can also send this in the traditional form on a CD if you'd like and if you want this option, specify this in the comments section when you send your favorites to me.  The images will be in a low resolution format (72 dpi) suitable for using on a computer screen.  Since I normally charge .99 cents for each picture, this is a great way to get all of the images you like from an event or or whole year!

Thanks everyone... see you soon!



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'Those are great pictures!.....What kind of camera did you use?' https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2012/6/those-are-great-pictures-what-kind-of-camera-did-you-use


I cannot tell you how many times I and other photographers hear those words.  It seems that some people believe that the more expensive camera you own, the better the pictures.  And while it's true that more expensive cameras have more features and probably use interchangeable lenses, it's more about the technique of the photographer and most importantly...their creativity! (Don't tell the camera manufacturers who want to sell more cameras)  So, how can someone with a point and shoot or basic digital SLR make pictures like the pros?  That's what I'm going to discuss in this blog. 


First some basic info about photography and cameras in general.  Cameras work by exposing something to light.  Whether that's traditional film or a digital sensor, all photography is done in this manner.  Photographers control this by adjusting three elements: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. 


  • ISO is simply the sensitivity of the sensor or film to light.  The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the sensor.  So if you increase the sensitivity of the sensor, you can take pictures with less light.  But, the higher the ISO, the lower the quality of image is captured so you need to be careful with this.  With the newer cameras, such as my Nikons, this is almost a non-issue as they can produce images with very good quality at higher ISO's. 
  • Shutter speed controls how long the shutter, or curtain, is open.  A shutter speed of 1/60th is slower than one of 1/2000 since the shutter is only open for 1/60th a second versus 1/2000th of a second.  Faster shutter speeds of 1/800th a second or faster are needed to capture moving subjects such as the one at the top. 
  • Finally, aperture is the size of the hole that light is allowed to come through before reaching the sensor or film.  Without going into a huge explanation of this, basically, a smaller aperture such as f16 will allow you to keep more of the image in focus versus f4 where only the subject is in focus.  (f4 is my basic aperture for shooting sports such as Gymkhana) 


So, knowing these basics, I can make some recommendations for better pictures from any camera:


Take it off automatic and try different settings!  With digital, we no longer have to worry about buying film and processing.  If you don't like what you see, just delete it.  Practice, practice, practice... it applies in everything we do in life.

Use good shooting technique to steady the camera.  Shooting pictures is very similar to shooting guns in that is the camera is not steady, you may get blurry photos or miss the target.  So, hold the camera in close to your body, use your left hand to steady it underneath and use a rest whenever possible.  If you've seen me shooting at a show or other place when I have a long lens on the camera, I eithe r have a monopod or am using something to steady my shot.  This is key for sharp pictures. 

Remember to check your background.  Distractions and objects in the background will detract from your pictures since it draws the viewer's eye to the background instead of the subject.  Try to use an angle that eliminates distractions.  This includes making sure their isn't a tree branch "sticking out" of the subject's head.  Sometimes, using a larger aperture will allow you to keep your subject in focus and throw the background out of focus. 

Along these lines, using a lower vantage point when shooting subjects will make them seem more imposing to the viewers.  Children should be shot (no, not really) from their level.  Looking down on a small subject just makes it appear that much smaller.  So, the next time you take a picture of your child, get down on one knee or the floor.

Use good composition.  There are volumes of books written on this subject alone.  This essentially involves trying to compose a picture that will be pleasing to the viewer's eye while including the parts of the photo that are important.  A good starter is to avoid "bulls-eying" the main subject in the middle of the frame.  Try moving the subject to either side or up or down and see what you like better. 

Finally, remember to look at the direction and quality of light.  The most pleasing pictures will usually be taken either early in the morning or later in the evening.  This is because the light at those times is lower in the sky and is softer.  The harsh light of mid-day can put shadows on a subject's face and cause them to squint.  If you have to shoot in these conditions, try to find shade or face the subject away from the sun. 

I hope this is a quick guide to taking better pictures with any camera, including the one you already have.  Even a cell phone camera can take some really nice photos if you use great technique.  And remember, pro photographers don't just use more expensive cameras, they have the knowledge to use them to take the best pictures.  Now get out there and shoot! 



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Everything Equine Trail Challenge 2012 https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2012/5/extreme-trail-challenge-2012


I was asked this past winter if I would consider covering the 2012 Trail Challenge at Everything Equine and I immediately said yes! Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to meet so many great people and watch a really challenging event.  The event is held inside the exhibition hall at the Champlain Valley Fair and this in itself made my work more interesting.  Limited available daylight from one end and primary lighting from flourescent lights above made getting the correct white balance and keeping a high enough shutter speed real issues.  Thanks to Nikon and Adobe Lightroom I was able to deal with it pretty well.  I found that my cameras are able to deal with ISO's of over 2000 without a problem.  For those of you who use D-SLR's I can testify that in challenging lighting like this, shooting in RAW is the way to go.  The images from the shoot are here

As I started the day, I wanted to capture the emotions of the competitors and the first few images show the seriousness of their faces.  You could tell they were anxious about the course and during the pre-event meeting, they were no different than NFL players on Sunday afternoon.  All business.  (With over $2700 in prize money and a top prize of $1500 at stake, who could blame them!) The competitors did a walk through with their horses and found some interesting obstacles that simulated real-life problems they would have to deal with when trail riding.  From the simulated forest fire where the horses would be blind folded, to the 14 inch balance beam, to the dreaded 'rhoaguephotography' pedestal, they would have their hands full. 

One by one, the competitors went through the course, the object being to complete the course the fastest (each obstacle in under 30 seconds), while scoring points with the judges for doing so using proper technique.  The balance beam and the pedestal turned out to be the toughest portions as you can image.  Asking a 1200 pound animal to walk over a beam or stand with all four feet on a pedestal and getting them to do it still amazes me.  I thought the organizers of the event, Northwest Riding and Driving Club's Extreme Cowboy Race Committee, were very creative in the design of the obstacles with the simulated fire (fans with red/yellow paper streamers blowing upwards) being my personal favorite. 


You could tell as the event went on that the competitors started to get a little more comfortable after seeing some of their peers go though it.  Smiles started to appear on those serious faces and by the end, you could tell that win or lose, everyone had a great time! 



Congratulations to Michelle Hoyt and her horse Cayenne in taking the top prize and winning the event! She and Cayenne made the course look easy although you could tell how much time she has put into training for these events.  Time well spent I'm sure!


So thanks to the Extreme Cowboy Race Committee for having me and I hope to be there next year.  I'd encourage everyone who reads this to attend also. 




































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Blogging and how I got here https://www.rhoaguephotography.com/blog/2012/4/blogging-and-how-i-got-here Welcome to my first blog! I hope to make this a regular feature and use it to keep readers updated on my work, client info and tips to better your own photography.  Since this is the first time I have 'blogged' I figured I should give everyone an idea of how I got to the point of making pictures for money. 

My interest in photography began in 1986 when I signed up for a photography class in high school because I figured it would be a great class that would keep me near the graphic arts room I loved being in.  Little did I know that I would begin to love photography so much that it would become a large part of who I am.  Being able to create images furthered my artistic ability and to this day I get excited about looking at an image for the first time.  My teacher, Mr. Queary, (anyone who went to MVU will know who I am talking about) was great in that he imparted knowledge about not only f-stops, iso's and shutter speeds, but also about succeeding in life.  The darkroom was a place where I learned to make chemicals and silver work together to make prints.  A Pentax k100 and later an Olympus OM were my first experience with real cameras and they were fantastic to learn on if you wanted to know more than point and shoot.  Rolling your own film and processing it gives you a great idea of what to expect from a processor when you start relying on them to do it for you. 

The picture below is of a friend of mine who volunteered to be a subject while learning different portrait lighting techniques.  Thanks Becky!  I found this last week and it brought back a lot of memories of those days.  We had a simple set up with two incandescent fixtures, a white sheet background and the camera on a tripod.  In these times of 50000 point auto focus, 1 million ISO and 100o megapixel cameras, I found myself thinking about Tri-X black and white film. 



Since then, we've had the digital revolution and this peaked my interest in new technology.  Learning Photoshop, Lightroom, printing and all of the other things that go along with it has been a real process and as any photographer will tell you, an expensive one.  It sure is tough to keep up with the latest cameras, computers, etc.  But being able to fully control what happens to your images after they come out of the camera was one of the greatest developments (pardon the pun) ever! No more do we have to rely on what the print machine at the Photomat thinks our prints should look like or depend on the new kid to process our slides.  We can do it all at home! 

So then one day, I was asked to shoot a wedding for a friend and realized that I could make money with my camera.  I liked it so I shot a few more and even started with stock images.  I was published when I sold a digital copy of a slide that I shot of carrots and horse grain to Horse Illustrated Magazine.  In addition, I have shot landscapes, portraits, macro, sports, and anything else that I thought was interesting.  Life changes slowed me down some but I now have time again to concentrate on making this a business and while starting slowly, I am hoping to expand more in the coming year.

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